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Blue Cross Blue Shield dropping Lexington Medical Center

If you have ever had a trip the Emergency Room for anything then you know the claims filing business can be a frustrating process.  Some charges are not covered, some bills keep getting invoiced even after their paid, etc. etc.  It appears that thousands of BCBS policyholders will not longer be able obtain care from Lexington Medical Center.   WIS-TV reports:


Families across the Midlands may soon have to find new a new doctor after a contract breakdown between a major insurance company and a local hospital system.

Starting March 1, Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina will no longer cover care from Lexington Medical Center or its affiliates as in-network, according to a letter the insurance company sent to its customers.

The insurance company claims Lexington Medical Center is demanding excessive fee increases.

The letter also states Blue Cross and Lexington have been in negotiations for months, but have not been able to come to an agreement over the fees.

Patients who are covered under Blue Cross Blue Shield would now have to pay higher out-of-network fees to go to the same LMC doctors or practices that they have been to in the past.

We have reached out to Lexington Medical Center for comment and will continue to update this story.”

We will be watching this story in the days ahead as March 1st approaches.  We hope that LMC and BCBS can reach an agreement to avoid what will undoubtedly lead to billing issues for many policyholders.

SC Bar President Cal Watson: The Valuable Role Lawyers Play As Public Servants.

S.C. Bar President Cal Watson wrote a nice editorial in the Greenville News for President’s Day about the valuable role lawyers play as public servants.  We could not agree more! Thank you Mr. President!

President’s Day has historically been a time for us as citizens of the United States to remember and celebrate the lives and achievements of former U.S. presidents. I am proud to note that 26 (more than half) of our presidents also served their communities and clients as lawyers, bringing their unique and valuable skill sets to the chief executive office.

Reflecting a bit more closer to home as this President’s Day approaches, I am particularly thankful for the lawyers of South Carolina who have held their hand up for service in all levels of public office. As officers of the court, lawyers work every day to uphold the Constitution of the United States. They play a crucial role in ensuring the rule of law prevails for citizens like you and me, a principle that sets us apart from many other countries around the world.

Lawyers also have a valuable role as public servants.

Not only do lawyers play an essential role in the protection of our individual rights, they were an asset to the historical formation of our nation’s democracy. Since John Adams’ appointment to the first Continental Congress in 1774, lawyers have been a staple in U.S. legislatures where they bring a number of strengths to the law-making process, including training in constitutional issues and the rule of law. Their legal education and instruction in oral advocacy are well suited to the job of helping the legislature craft our laws. Thirty-five of the 55 framers of the U.S. Constitution were lawyers, and today our Constitution is a model for democracy around the world.

I am proud that South Carolina lawyers are dedicated to advancing justice and ensuring the civil legal system is available to all South Carolina citizens. Many lawyers chose this profession because they believe in the American legal system and want to make a difference in the lives of those they represent. These are also valuable qualities of our elected officials, and 37 of our state’s lawyers were elected or re-elected to public service in the November 2014 general election. Lawyers serve South Carolinians as lieutenant governor, attorney general, U.S. congressmen, and state senators and representatives.

The legal profession has a long-standing tradition of public service, and the South Carolina Bar commends lawyers who aid their communities by serving in this capacity.

Cal Watson of Columbia is president of the South Carolina Bar. For more information go to

Save Fort Jackson – Our local economy is at risk!

Can you imagine Columbia without Fort Jackson? Potential cuts at the post would have a major effect on our local economy.  It does not appear that Fort Jackson is in danger of closing, but the cuts in work force at the post will clearly prevent or diminish its annual training of 47,000 new recruits.  There are several graduation ceremonies per year for soldiers completing basic training that brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to Columbia.  There is no doubt that any drop in these number will have an negative effect on the local economy.

A public meeting will be held at Shandon Baptist Church on February 26, 2015 at 3:00 pm.  This is an opportunity to show the U.S. Army what Fort Jackson means to our current economy, our storied history, and our local veterans.


Save Our Fort!

Holiday Party Hosts Beware! Social Host Liability in South Carolina

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Ding Dong Ding Dong.  This is the time of year when your calendar fills up with more party events than you can possible attend.  You may even be hosting an event yourself.  While holiday gatherings are a wonderful time to connect with friends and family, if you event is serving alcohol then you need to be aware of some potential legal risks.  These risks are particularly important if any of your guests are under the age of 21.  That can range from a high school student to a college senior who is 20 years 11 month and 29 days old. 


Prior to 2007 , the common law in this state provided that a social host incurred no liability to either first or third parties injured by an intoxicated adult guest, but the law as to minor guests was unclear.  Basically, if you left the office party at your bosses house, and harmed someone else only that guest would be individually liable for the harm caused.  This would have included your college students home for the holiday, but this doctrine was changed in the 2007 case of Marcum v. Bowden.   In Marcum, the South Carolina Supreme tackled the issue of whether an adult social host who serves alcoholic beverages to an underage person (someone under 21) owes a duty to that guest and/or a third party injured as a proximate result of the host’s service of alcohol.  


In a very important ruling for anyone hosting a holiday, birthday, or office party from that date forward, the Court held that adult social hosts who knowingly and intentionally serve, or cause to be served, alcoholic beverages to persons they know or should know to be between the ages of 18 and 20 may incur liability where, under the same circumstances, they are immune for service to persons aged at least 21 years old.  Marcum v. Bowden, 372 S.C. 452, 460, 643 S.E.2d 85, 89 (2007).  In sum, be mindful of your son or daughter’s college friends who are under 21 and drinking by the fire at the annual party as they may be exposing you to serious civil liability if one of them drives home and hurts themselves or someone else.  Know your guests and always monitor your underage guests minimize your risks.





Mike Kelly selected for 2015 Super Lawyers list

Congratulation to Attorney Mike Kelly on his selection to Super Lawyer for 2015.

Super Lawyers recognizes attorneys who has distinguished themselves in their legal practice.  This fifth year in a row Mike has been recognized for the field of personal injury.



Automakers Lie On Mileage Figures – $350 Million Settlement

You may be able to get some great deals at local auto dealers this holiday season, especially as we approach December 31st.  Nothing says new years resolutions like purchasing a vehicle with better fuel and mileage standards.  You shop, you find the deal, and you are set to get 10-MPG more, right??  Maybe not.  Hyundai and Kia, two very popular brands have just settled a lawsuit arising out of overstating their mileage figures.

The two companies have agreed to a $350 million settlement with the U.S. government related to charges the Korean automakers overstated the fuel efficiency of their vehicles. The settlement is being touted by government officials as the largest of its kind. The settlement comes after an investigation determined Hyundai-Kia had overstated the mileage figures on an estimated 1.2 million of its 2012 model vehicles. The settlement was announced Nov. 3.

As part of that settlement agreement, Hyundai and Kia agreed to amend the window stickers on its vehicles to reflect the correct miles-per-gallon (MPG) fuel usage. Most vehicles were off by 1- or 2-MPG, but some Kia models were wrong by as much as 6-MPG.



Fighting the VA on a Veterans Disabilty Claim? – We can help!

Each week we meet with veterans who have come to their wits end with the VA.  Who can blame them? Dealing with the VA can be truly infuriating.  Far to often, veterans get buried in paperwork and do not know the steps that must be taken to succeed with their claim.  That is where the Mike Kelly Law Group can help.  It is an honor to assist Veterans in getting a favorable result in appealing their disability claims.  Attorney Tad McLeod (Columbia) and Attorney Jill Wright (Myrtle Beach) are available to meet with you anytime to get started on this process.

Veterans who can prove they were injured during military service can be eligible for compensation and pensions. The two are different, each with specific eligibility requirements. An attorney experienced in veterans’ disability matters can help you through the process.
Compensation is by far the most common claim and is not based on financial need. A successful disability compensation claim must prove three things:

  • Current diagnosed disability
  • Evidence of disease, injury, or debilitating event occurred while serving in the military
  • Proof that the disease, injury, debilitating event caused current disability

Pension eligibility is need based and can depend on the veteran’s current financial situation. To qualify for a pension, veterans must prove three things:

  • Total and permanent disability
  • Military service during a time of war
  • Income below specified limits

Veterans often discover that it can be difficult to prove the correlation between current disability and the damages incurred during military service. The Mike Kelly Law Group will help you secure the resources necessary to prove that connection.  Call us at 866-692-0123 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your pending claims.


Richland Sertoma Charity Golf Event raises $6,600.00

MKLG Attorney Tad McLeod served as Chair of the Richland Sertoma Charity Golf event which was held on October 27, 2014 at Oak Hills Golf Club in Columbia.   The annual event raises money for Camp Sertoma and Palmetto State Base Camp.   Camp Sertoma provides a summer camp experience at Clemson University for children with speech or hearing impairments.  Palmetto State Base Camp is a non-profit organization which assists veterans transit from a homeless state where he or she is living on the street to a productive state where he is fully integrated back into society.

All golfers were treated to a beautiful day of weather which ended with a super dinner catered by Little Pigs Barbeque.   Mike Kelly Law Group was proud to sponsor this event.

Mike Kelly: Proud to be a South Carolina Lawyer

Mike is proud to be to a South Carolina lawyer and has practiced law in South Carolina for more than 37 years.  He has spent his entire career working hard to protect the rights of South Carolinians and build a better, more just community. Mike is highly experienced in personal injury, workers compensation, disability, insurance litigation and handling professional liability claims. He combines his knowledge of law with a compassionate approach to each client.

This video from the South Carolina Bar offers a snapshot of why he is proud to be a South Carolina lawyer.

Happy Veterans Day

As Veterans Day comes and goes it is important to really think about how fortunate we are to live in this great nation.  As Americans, we live in a 24 hour news cycle world pulled in 10 different directions everyday.   We just finished another election cycle where citizens cast their ballots to determine who would serve as their government leaders.   As tough and divisive as America can seem sometimes, we are still best hope in the world for people to freely determine their leaders and choose their government.  This is not by accident.  Generations of Americans have answered the bell time and time again to serve their country in times of war and peace.  They have served in the air, on land, and at sea.  At home and abroad, whether serving for a 2 year enlistment or a 35 year career, our veterans have all played a vital part ensuring election days in this country continue to follow the will of the people.

While most veterans return home from abroad to begin new lives, many will return home with scars incurred from serving our nation.  Some the scars will be visible, but many will be below the surface.   Regardless, each of us will have the opportunity to assist a veteran in the future and there is no better way to show your gratitude to this group than to thank them, and ask “How can I help you”.

As attorneys, we are honored to assist and advise veterans in their disability claims with the VA, and will continue to help every veteran we can.  We are truly blessed to be Americans, and we can thank our veterans for that today, tomorrow and beyond.

If you or a loved one need assistance in obtaining VA benefits or VA disability compensation, contact the Mike Kelly Law Group at 803-726-0123.






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