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Mike Kelly: Remembering Anne

Dear Friends,

As many of you know my beloved wife, Anne Kelly, passed away unexpectedly on the morning of February 28, 2015. “Unexpectedly” truly cannot capture the nature of Anne’s passing. On that fateful Friday night, Anne and I were enjoying a dinner party with lifelong friends. She was smiling, laughing, and being the Anne all of us loved. Within a few hours she was lost to us. In hindsight I cannot imagine Anne wanting to depart any other way – with a great meal, good wine, and dear friends.

The hole I am experiencing is tough to articulate. I can only say that Anne is with me every minute, every day. I think this is a blessing. In 13 years of knowing Anne (10 years as a married couple) I experienced many of the happiest moments of my life. No one can take those memories away, and I intend to live and relive them for the rest of my life.

I want to reach out to the hundreds of people who sent flowers, brought food by our home, wrote me touching letters, and who simply laid a supporting hand on my shoulder. I have been touched by each and every one of you. You have warmed my heart. I simply do not have the words to properly relay my deep appreciation for your unwavering support.

We are always faced with trials, challenges and loss in this earthly life. We never see them coming, but they are just around the corner. Life experiences sharpen us, and regardless of the experience I have always kept pushing forward. As I jump back into my full work schedule I am reminded that our neighbors’ experience loss in some form every day. Throughout my adult professional life, regardless of the challenging event be it parenthood, marriage, divorce, health, family, etc., there has been one constant – my profession.

I have been blessed on so many levels. I was blessed to be the father of two super sons. I was truly blessed to have Anne Kelly in my life. I am blessed to have the love of family, the support of my friends like yourself and my whole legal team in my life, which has been so important over the last two weeks. I have also been blessed to be an attorney who has the opportunity to help others who have experienced loss or injury. Overwhelming blessings.

I will continue to grieve (which I know is normal and healthy), but make no mistake there are people every day who need an advocate and advisor and I am going to help every person I can possibly help. I know that is what I am here to do, so the work will go on! It’s one way for me to stay sane and busy as I continue to find closure to this gaping hole in my heart! I am back and we are here for you.

God Bless.

Mike Kelly