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KellyGram – Legal Marketing in the Modern Era


Earlier this week, I was asked by a long-time acquaintance how Mike Kelly Law Group has continued to survive in South Carolina’s increasingly oversaturated legal market. It was a good question, so I told my friend I’d give it some thought and get back to them. Their theory was that there is simply no way a small law firm like ours could survive—and indeed thrive—in today’s hypercompetitive environment. As we all know, you cannot even turn on the TV these days without seeing three or four consecutive ads by a number of legal players whose names need no introduction!

So, I sat down and considered the question—how has Mike Kelly Law Group been able to do so well in such a competitive field? After much thought, I believe that these principles are the keys to our firm’s success:

1) It’s all about client service;

2) It’s all about the personal touch; and

3) It’s always striving to be the best lawyers and legal staff that we can be.

Ultimately, these are the ingredients to creating a positive client experience, and happy clients pay it forward by recommending Mike Kelly Law Group’s services to others! Historically, the majority of our firm’s clients have learned about us through word-of-mouth referrals, and the same is true today. More recently, Google reviews by satisfied clients have also begun to play an increasingly important role in generating new business and setting us apart from the competition online.

After sufficiently pondering and answering the question before me, I wanted to get down on my knees and thank the Lord above that our phones ring daily and that deserving men and women in need of our services continue to find their way to our doors. I am deeply grateful to our many clients and friends who support and refer others to the firm, and to the talented men and women at Mike Kelly Law Group who dedicate themselves to providing clients with exceptional legal services!

Have a great weekend!


Mike Kelly

PS – While we’re on the topic of marketing…the Mike Kelly Law Group website got a makeover this week! I encourage you to check it out here!