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Fighting the VA on a Veterans Disabilty Claim? – We can help!

Each week we meet with veterans who have come to their wits end with the VA.  Who can blame them? Dealing with the VA can be truly infuriating.  Far to often, veterans get buried in paperwork and do not know the steps that must be taken to succeed with their claim.  That is where the Mike Kelly Law Group can help.  It is an honor to assist Veterans in getting a favorable result in appealing their disability claims.  Attorney Tad McLeod (Columbia) and Attorney Jill Wright (Myrtle Beach) are available to meet with you anytime to get started on this process.

Veterans who can prove they were injured during military service can be eligible for compensation and pensions. The two are different, each with specific eligibility requirements. An attorney experienced in veterans’ disability matters can help you through the process.
Compensation is by far the most common claim and is not based on financial need. A successful disability compensation claim must prove three things:

  • Current diagnosed disability
  • Evidence of disease, injury, or debilitating event occurred while serving in the military
  • Proof that the disease, injury, debilitating event caused current disability

Pension eligibility is need based and can depend on the veteran’s current financial situation. To qualify for a pension, veterans must prove three things:

  • Total and permanent disability
  • Military service during a time of war
  • Income below specified limits

Veterans often discover that it can be difficult to prove the correlation between current disability and the damages incurred during military service. The Mike Kelly Law Group will help you secure the resources necessary to prove that connection.  Call us at 866-692-0123 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your pending claims.