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Trucking Accidents

The Mike Kelly Law Group has successfully represented numerous clients in cases involving tractor-trailer accidents. Trucking cases are more complex than standard automobile accidents and involve an analysis of federal and state regulatory requirements, on board data recording, maintenance, and safety inspections. These cases typically involve retaining accident reconstructionist (experts who reconstruct the scene and what happened), regulatory experts, biomechanical experts, and safety experts to evaluate the conduct of the at fault truck driver and trucking company.

Most commercial vehicles have on board computers or ECMs (Electronic Control Modules) that record extensive data about the vehicle and how the vehicle is being operated. ECMs collect data related to the truck's speed, braking, maintenance, and hours of operation. Many major trucking manufacturers started building engines with ECMS in the 1990s. These devices provide important evidence for trucking lawsuits.

Examples of trucking cases include driver's negligence as a result of traffic violations, permitting violations, fatigue, intoxication or distractions. Trucking companies are subject to liability for failing to properly hire and train drivers, or for retaining reckless drivers. Trucking companies also may be subject to liability for failing to conduct proper background checks, failing to inspect their vehicles, or failing to implement safety personnel and/or safety standards.

The attorneys at the Mike Kelly Law Group have experience in handling cases involving trucking accidents. Find out exactly what your rights are by contacting The Mike Kelly Law Group for a confidential, no-cost consultation by calling the toll free number listed for any of our offices or by completing our contact form.

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