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When you have sustained injury from negligence of any kind, the Mike Kelly Law Group, top Columbia and Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyers, stands ready to help you. As many other South Carolinians have learned, you need to have an experienced, caring attorney by your side and ready to fight for you if an accident, assault, negligent act, or defective products have disrupted your life. Based on our experience, we know that after a serious injury or loss, most clients experience trauma and emotional distress in addition to financial loss. We will wage a battle on your behalf so you can work on putting your life back together.

Injuries That Can Change Your Life

Have you suffered from any of these serious, life-changing injuries?

After your loss, our focus, first and foremost, is helping clients get the medical treatment and therapy you or a loved one needs to regain health and, if possible, your (or their) former lifestyle. We then pursue financial compensation for medical bills, loss of income, long-term care (if necessary), and pain and suffering that can help make things right.

Cases Where You Need A Personal Injury Attorney

While vehicle accidents represent one type of personal injury you can suffer from if someone else is negligent, there many types of situations where the negligent actions of one person can inflict serious harm on another. Some common types of personal injuries include:

With experience that runs the gamut of many types of personal injury, The Mike Kelly Law Group can advise you about how to proceed legally to get compensation for your injury.

Wondering how you can afford a lawyer, given that serious injuries can place you under a heavy financial burden? At the Mike Kelly Law Group, we work on a contingency basis, so you don't pay for our services unless we win or settle the case.

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