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Nursing Home Negligence

The Mike Kelly Law Group has successfully represented family members of individuals who have been subject to nursing home neglect. While nursing homes serve an important function in our society and are relied upon to take care of elderly adults who no longer have the ability to care for themselves, some of these establishments sacrifice the safety and medical care of their residents for the purpose of making a higher profit. Staffing and regulatory requirements are disregarded by nursing homes more concerned with their bottom line than the care of residents.

Nursing home negligence claims are unlike those for medical malpractice, which focus on the wrongful actions of an individual. Instead, this type of case often centers on the financial motives of nursing home operators. Owners are often faceless corporate entities.

The most common injuries in nursing homes are bedsores, broken bones, fractures, infections, dehydration, and malnutrition. These injuries can be fatal and may be caused by the lack of adequate staffing and resources necessary to care for the nursing home's residents. The attorneys at the Mike Kelly Law Group represent victims of nursing home negligence and hold the medical practitioners and nursing home agents responsible for failing to adhere to the accepted standards of care.

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