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Social Security Disability

Do you suffer from injuries or illness that are so severe that you are unable to do your job? Has your inability to work caused you tremendous financial stress and worry over how you will be able to pay the bills and support your family. If you are disabled, you may already be aware that collecting Social Security Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration is a long battle of exhausting and frustrating forms, long periods of being placed on hold, and conversations with rude and uncaring personnel. It is all you can do to avoid giving up on the process entirely! If you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits and your doctors are telling you that you cannot work, Mike Kelly Law Group can help. We can help you battle the Social Security Administration by pursuing an appeal before the Administrative Law Judge. Don’t give up yet, call us for a free consultation!

The Mike Kelly Law Group represents claimants who need help appealing denied applications for Social Security Disability Benefits. Our firm has offices in Columbia, Myrtle Beach and Winnsboro. We care about our clients and want to see you collect the benefits you are entitled to. Enlist the help of our experienced attorneys to help recover your benefits and expedite the process.

Two Types of Social Security Disability Benefits

An individual must be eligible for one or both benefits before a determination of disability can be made.

The Social Security Administration definition of disability:
To be found disabled an individual must be unable to work because of a physical or mental condition or combination of conditions that can be expected to result in death or has lasted or is expected to last 12 consecutive months. The condition(s) must not only prevent the individual from performing past jobs but any job the individual is qualified to do considering his or her age, educational background, work history and physical and/or mental condition. Generally speaking, the younger and more educated an individual is, the more difficult it will be to prove disability.

How We Help

The Mike Kelly Law Group can help you appeal denied claims for Social Security Disability Income in these ways:

The process of securing Social Security Disability Income is complex and can take time. Do not be discouraged! The Mike Kelly Law Group has helped many people who have been denied in the past get the benefits they deserve.

Find out exactly what your rights are by contacting The Mike Kelly Law Group for a confidential, no-cost consultation by calling the toll free number listed for any of our offices or by completing our contact form.

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